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There are conflicts which cannot really be resolved through litigation. On the contrary, sometimes a lawsuit “makes things only worse”. This is particularly true in cases where the parties wish or have to continue working together after a court decision.

Typical examples of such conflicts are: disputes among the shareholders of a company or the partners of a partnership, conflicts between business partners that are bound together by a long-term service agreement, and also work-related conflicts between the management of a company and its works council (Betriebsrat) or between different departments within the same company.

In such cases, mediation (business mediation) is often the best option.

Mediation is a process in which the conflicting parties participate voluntarily. With the assistance of a neutral, non-partisan mediator committed to the interests of both parties alike, they seek to find an amicable settlement of their dispute in a cooperative, confidential and responsible way. The purpose of mediation is to find a creative, mutually advantageous solution which sees both parties as winners.

Dr. Gottwald successfully completed his professional training as a business mediator in 2013 with a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce.

Against the background of his long-term experience as an attorney with special emphasis on employment law, commercial and company law, he knows the alternative to negotiations, that is litigation in court, all too well and is in a good position to evaluate in which cases mediation is the better option and should at least be given a try.

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