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Other Practice Areas

(Commercial) Tenancy and Lease Agreements

We draft, review and negotiate commercial tenancy and lease agreements and advise our clients on terminations and other legal matters concerning such agreements, both in and out of court. Whether you want to rent, rent out or sublet office space or other commercial premises, extend, renew or terminate a lease, exercise an option, enforce or modify an existing tenancy agreement – we make sure that you do it correctly and efficiently.

Commercial Law, International Trade

We have a sound knowledge of commercial law, for example, commercial agents, distribution agreements and commercial transactions such as the sale and purchase of goods. Some of our larger clients are logistics companies, which makes warehousing and related outsourcing projects one of our specialties. Other cases that we are keen to work on involve international trade and international transactions.

Restructuring, Insolvency, Bankruptcy

In difficult economic times, we advise our corporate clients on the legal possibilities and responsibilities in case of insolvency and bankruptcy. We also represent our clients in dealing with insolvent business partners, for example, registering claims and negotiating with the trustee in bankruptcy.

Real Estate

In this area, we focus on drafting and reviewing land sale and purchase agreements. We also advise our clients with respect to the selling and purchasing of condos and represent them when it comes to legal controversies concerning real property and estate agents / realtors.


If negotiations fail, we do not hesitate to go to court and vigorously represent our clients in civil trials. We are admitted before all local courts, district courts and higher district courts in Germany. In labor law disputes we can represent our clients before all German labor courts, state labor courts and the Federal Labor Court.

Insurance Law

We advise and represent our clients when it comes to asserting their claims against insurance companies. Whether the damage was caused by a storm, hailstorm or water main break, we will make sure that you collect what is covered under your insurance policy.

Torts and Damages, Professional Malpractice

If someone injured you physically (bodily harm) or damaged your property, we will sue for damages on your behalf. If necessary, we will also take your former legal adviser to court if it was him who – through professional malpractice – caused the damage.

Construction Law

We take on construction law cases both in and out of court, for instance, when it comes to saving evidence or enforcing your claims under a legal warranty.

Road Traffic Law

In case of a traffic accident on the road, we prosecute your claims against the insurance company. We can also help if the accident occurred abroad.

Intellectual Property, Trademark Law, Antitrust

We advise on competition law and copyright law (especially in the publishing and music business). We also register trademarks with the German Patent and Trademark Office and / or the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market. And we can help you in antitrust cases by dealing with the competent German or European antitrust authorities.

Wills and Trusts

We advise on wills and trusts and act as executors of wills and trusts.

Criminal Law

We defend our corporate clients if they are charged with a business crime. If necessary, we will cooperate with a criminal defence lawyer or refer the matter to such a specialist.

Conflict of Laws, U.S. Law

We have a profound knowledge in the field of private international law (conflict of laws) and an insider’s understanding of the American legal system (Attorney).

Collection of Claims

For our corporate clients, we collect claims both in and out of court and make sure that judgements in our clients’ favor are rigorously enforced.

Tax Law

We cover tax law as far as it concerns the business law matters that we work on for our clients. If necessary we will cooperate with competent tax consultants or certified public accountants.

Other Practice Areas

Have we forgotten anything? Check us out. We are willing and ready to accept new challenges in other fields of law if you give us an interesting chance to do so. For example, we have successfully dealt with sports law and sponsoring cases, the law of the press as well as immigration law. Whatever the case may be, we look forward to your call to determine if we can help!

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