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Can images and music solve legal problems?

Well, that sounds kind of weird when you hear that from a lawyer, doesn´t it? After all, we as lawyers have always learned and practiced that legal problems are solved by logic and reason.

Nevertheless, in psychology there is a branch that is called music and image therapy. If I understand it correctly, this therapeutic approach tries to cure or mitigate psychological problems by looking at images and listening to music. Mainly classical music, which I would say is a shortage, since not everybody is susceptible to classical music, and classical music cannot trigger the same emotions as the music and voice of, for instance, Rag’n’Bone Man.

Can that approach also work with legal problems?

Well, let´s give it a try. Take a look at the photos below and on the next pages if you like. Maybe after that you will view your legal problems differently and from another perspective. And maybe, as they say in one of the books on image therapy, this will enable you to see „the big picture“. And if not, maybe you just like the photos. …

It is often said that we lawyers like structure and order. Well, there might be some truth to that. This is why I have arranged the photos, which by the way were all shot by myself on my mobile phone, in the following order:

If one photo or the other inspires you to a positive thought, that would be great.

And now a question of conscience, since we want to be honest with each other here: Do I myself believe in what I wrote a couple of paragraphs above? Well, let me put it that way:

1) Real legal issues and conflicts cannot be solved by merely looking at photos and listening to music. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

2) Legal issues and conflicts, however, are adressed in a better and more efficient way if you have a positive attitude. Your opponent is not necessarily the evil enemy who is only out there to torture you and who has to be beaten and destroyed. Let us rather try and solve the legal issues and conflicts in a calm and reasonable way.

3) And most important: There are more rewarding and beautiful things in life than fighting with your telephone provider over some items on your last phone bill. Look at the ocean or into the sky, marvel at the Matterhorn mountain, stroll over Bangkok´s Night Market in your thoughts or take a mental rest on the steel beams of Munich´s Hacker Bridge and look into the sunset. This will give you more satisfaction than being infuriated for days or weeks over some minor legal issues.

In that spirit, enjoy the photos.

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