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The law office of Dr. Gottwald concentrates on business law. In this field, we provide competent legal consultation and take on litigation (Practice Areas).

Due to the fact that Dr. Gottwald studied both German law in Germany and U.S.-law in New York (Attorney), we are in a perfect position to advise U.S. companies on German business law, because we speak your language and we know your legal system as well.

Among our clients are German and U.S. companies of different sizes, small start-ups, well-established family businesses and international groups of companies. Our focus is on logistics companies and medium-sized corporations, but we also work for private clients.

For our corporate clients we act as their external legal department providing competent legal advice in all business-related matters, especially contracts, corporate and commercial law, employment and labor law as well as commercial lease agreements. As a matter of course, we also represent our clients in court.

Our aim is to represent our clients’ interests competently and efficiently. At the law office of Dr. Gottwald, you get swift and tailor-made solutions from the person you trust.

Efficiency for us also means that our fees are reasonable and in sound proportion to the economic relevance of the matter for our clients.

In addition to our legal services, the law office of Dr. Gottwald also offers mediation (business mediation) in order to resolve conflicts between companies or within one company in a creative and confidential way (Mediation).

Attorney at Law

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